TICTOC Publications is a small publishing house with big ideas. We wish to create independant, green, non gender specific and fun books, packed with stories from around the globe and hands-on activities for your children.

Check your favourite local toy store, playgroup or newsagent for our first issue, which will be out just in time for a fabulous Christmas stocking filler.

Look out for our early bird subscription offers and drawing contests.

Also check this space soon for our own section of fun games, activities and stories related to our monthly themes!

Get your budding artists ready to submit their wonderful drawings or painting of these upcoming themes:



The first issue of TICTOC will feature dragons in beautiful stories from across the world. Dragons are know in China as rain makers, and across Asia as noble kings who reward and praise honesty and truthfulness while being unforgiving to liars.


This issue of TICTOC will bring together stories of tall and proud lighthouses which have stood faithfully through storms and times, to offer hope and help to lost sailors.


Preschoolers really start to understand friendships and its qualities. The 3rd issue of TICTOC will have stories about friendships lost and found and about expressing our feelings to the people who are important in our life.