welcome to my world

I was named Abhilash Chatadu after my late grand father Narayan Chatadu,I was brought up in kurnool district of andhrapradesh since my birth on 14th october 1992. My father was named Venkata Ramudu Chatadu who serves for the government as a bank employee. My mother is a homemaker and I have two adorable brothers named Naveen and Vamsi who still try to win me in arm wrestling. Right from my schooling days I was never at home for a long time due to the many mischievous things I did with my brothers & friends. So, my parents decided to join me in hostel far away from home.

In this pain I started learning how to be a person. Did well with my studies and I was selected as captain of our school's cricket team. Even though I achieved many things away from home, I really miss something else, its MY HOME. Even now I am writing this living far away from my home SYDNEY.

"I don't call it home i still call it missing home"