Amritpal Singh Gill


Mobile: 0416678505

Recent University leaver seeking to start career in IT networking

Confident and articulate individual with commended ability to work with others to achieve set outcomes. Young yet mature university leaver with developed employability skills and personal attributes that support the transition from education to full-time employment. Leadership and communication skills developed and demonstrated through engagement in sports clubs and associations. Motivated individual keen to obtain employment in networking and operations environment. Key strengths include strong attention to detail and willingness to learn and develop professionally.

key skills include:

Problem Solving.



Good Communication.


Task Allocation.

Technical skills

Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Outlook.

AutoCad Software.

Data Analysis.


Education percentage
12th 80%
Mechanical engineering 77%

Personal Attributes

Verbal Communication: Recognised ability to communicate with a range of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds.
Commitment & Dedication: Willing to provide long-term ongoing contribution and commitment to an organisation.
Collaborative Team Member: Ability to collaborate with team members.
Reliable: Commended reliability as team member and supporter.
Honest: Strong personal morals and ethics ensure complete honesty and transparency at all times.

Technical experience

Operating Systems: Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Unix, MS DOS.

Hardware testing Tools: Multi meter,Soldering, de-soldering.

Application software: Photoshop, Adobe reader, Winrar, DVD Convertor, Nero.

Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook Express.


Received 'Best Scholar' award in college.

Received Scholarship for engineering study.

Made a major project on EDM machine and selected in University main Projects.

Received Gold Medal in Game Fencing.

Extra Curricular Activities :--

Participated in Blood donation camps.

Made projects for students.

Participated in techfests and recieve prizes.

Attended different seminars in university.

Participated in sports activities.

Work Experience in Company

Career Summary

Following points are the career summary:--.

Personal Details

Mobile Number : 0416678505


Address : Laverton, melbourne, VIC.

Nationality: INDIA