Agrim Gurung: The Barista



barista image

I have worked in a restaurant for a whole year, ultimately gaining experience in hospitality sectors including wait service, coffee making and a significant part of bartending.
As a barista, I take pride in serving freshly grounded aromatic coffee to the customers and make them more than just satisfied.
I am always endeavoured to give my 100% to the work that I do and my goal as a barista is to build strong, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with companies
that I work for as well as the customers that I serve.

At present, I am working at 'Oliver Brown' as the main barista. I am continuously seeking out help and advices from major baristas to be better at my passion.


Completing high school at my home country, I came to australia to get my bachelor's degree. I chose Charles Sturt University as the bridge to my graduation of tertiary education.
I scored an overall score of 7.0 in IELTS, which proves that I am pretty good in english besides the fact that I never enrolled in any english courses.


I have a bit said-to-be unsual kinda hobbies.
It includes watching latte-art compilation, visiting new cafes, checking social profiles of famous baristas and checking barista magazine online. I got this amazing quote from the
online magazine this I love, "My life, coffee & coffee". I love this quote because it shows just how much they love coffee.
The main baristas whom I socially follow are:

  1. Dristan Alsela
  2. Jibbi Little
  3. Dhan Tamang
  4. Ada Crew

Future plan

Wierdest of all, my future plan is different to any other. In the priority list, first comes to be among the top baristas of the world.

First, I intend to be a barista among the top ones. I want to learn everything I can about the coffee and create a new blend. I also wish to be a networking guy, just because I got amazed when I
first read the article about software engineers while I was in grade 3.

I was amazed how cool the people are, who can do almost everything just by typing some codes in the computer. Programmers are just as much cool. But I sincerely look up to the networking