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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt"

I was born in 18 June 2000. My birth place is Biratnagar, Nepal which is the biggest city of our country. I live in joint family. I am elder son of my family. I have got much more love and affection from my family members which I feel really proud about it. Since childhood I was really intrested in computer, elctronic gadgets, playing drums but I took drumming till my secondary level. I used to have a band where I played drum. I have done many shows or concerts around different place of Nepal but platform in music field was not that good enough that we can this as our profession or future.



Different people have different hobbies. I have different hobbies like travelling, reading novels, playing different kind of musical instrument like drum, guitar, piano but playing drums is my one favourite hobbies. I always wanted to take druming as profession but due to some reason I couldn't. I have also intrested in Information Technology(IT) sector which I am currently doing.My main aims and goals is to be professional musician and become graduate in IT field. I also wants to built up platform for music field in my home country Nepal.

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