Leo Pardus Bengals

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Prepare to be enchanted...

Welcome to Bengalspot.com.au home of 'Leo Pardus Bengals'

This majestic breed touched our lives in the form of a very small very special little kitten named Leo.
Unfortunately little Leo is no longer with us, but he is the very reason we got hooked on this fabulous breed.
Bengal's originate from the Asian Leopard Cat and came to Australia in 1991. They are only available in Australia as an F4 generation.

Ever wondered what it would be like to own a leopard? Well here's your chance to experience the beauty in a smaller package.

The perfect accessory, a house cat in leopard print, with an amazing temperament to match. Confident, energetic, playful and affectionate individuals.

Our cats are pedigree show quality cats from champion imported lines. Now you know you are getting the best, it's up to you to choose your pattern.

Bengal History...

The Bengal is a hybridisation of domestic cats & Asian Leopard Cats (a small wild cat). In 1963 Jean Mill (Sudgen) of Yuma, Arizona crossed an Asian Leopard Cat with a black domestic cat, which produed two kittens, including a fertaile female. She then crossed the offspring back to the Asian Leopard Cat which produced a black and a spotted kitten. With the help of Dr Willard Centerwell, the developement continued and included other breeds. The breed obtained official recognition with TICA in 1984. Today the goal of the Bengal breeding program is to create a domestic cat which has the physical features distinctive to the small forest-dwelling wild cats, but with the loving dependable temperament of the domestic cat.

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