Azhar Mohammed

My Objective

To be professionally associated with an esteemed organization, that provides me a challenging Career that assists in further enhancing my skills and achieving the goals of the organization.


Achieving Data Privacy Through Secrecy Views And Null-Based Virtual Updates.

Database management systems allow for massive storage of data, which can be efficiently assessed and manipulated. However, at the same time, the problems of data privacy are becoming increasingly important and difficult to handle. In this scenario, certain users should have access to only certain portions of a database. Preferably, what a particular user (or class of them) is allowed are not allowed to access should be specified in a declarative manner. This specification should be used by the database engine when queries are processed and answered. We would accept the database to return answers do not reveal anything that should be kept protected from a particular user. On the other side and at the same time, the database should return as informative answers as possible once the privacy conditions.

Web Census System

Description:- This project handles the rating process of the website. There are so many websites around the world which distribute the information given by their owners. It is an effective and easy way to reach the information to the people. There are different types of websites and their pages are with attractive information and design, Rating is a method to know the people mentality about the pages in the website and is also helps the website holder about viewer’s response.