National scholarship takes CSU student to USA

A Charles Sturt University (CSU) student has set his sights on an international work placement to learn more about dairy production medicine after winning a national scholarship.

Mr De Cicco will use the $12 000 scholarship to fund a month-long work placement at Cornell University's Ambulatory and Production Medicine Clinic in the USA in January.

"I hope this experience will open up a number of pathways for the future, build lasting relationships and international contacts," Mr De Cicco said.

"I hope to come home and share my experiences and acquired knowledge to benefit the Australian dairy sector." CSU lecturer Dr Angel Abuelo said, "This scholarship will provide Matthew with a great opportunity to further develop his skills and knowledge, completing his final-year rotation in dairy practice.

"Cornell is one of the few Ivy League schools in the USA with a veterinary science program and has continuously been ranked in the top three courses worldwide.

Cyber warfare is here: CSU expert

A cyber security expert at Charles Sturt University (CSU) believes the future of cyber warfare is here after the global 'malware' attack. Associate Professor Tanveer Zia, from the CSU's School of Computing and Mathematics, said the massive cyber attack over the weekend is a true example of the future of cyber warfare.

"Imagine a nuclear bomb is stolen from a highly protected government facility and used against the governments and public," said Professor Zia."This is how the attack emerged last Friday when hackers used stolen malicious software, or 'malware', from the US National Security Agency to infect thousands of computer systems in nearly 100 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Spain, the United Kingdom (UK) and Taiwan.