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So here we have it, a second website designed by me (Aaron), for me (Aaron), except this time it has been designed in Dreamweaver instead of that accursed program named iWeb.

First off let me just say that it has been about 4 years since I have last properly used Dreamweaver, I did use it last year to make an extremely basic website at TAFE but my last major project was done when Macromedia still owned Dreamweaver. That project I failed because I ran out of time and inspiration, was also a 10 page website, which, as any website designer knows, is a big ask.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Charles Sturt University, forming new friendships and having a damn good time in general. You will find my Animation projects in their completed form on the Portfolio page, I may or may not later on add additional pages to show work in progress for these projects, it all depends on my patience with Dreamweaver.

Enough about me, how about me? Well I'm currently 21 years of age, going on 22 this December, single and looking. Born in Wagga, raised in a small town in New Zealand called Te Awamutu, which most of you viewing this will know from last semester's website, which displayed this information. I am a fun, honest, and curiously caring person who has a soft exterior but a hard and crusty interior, which tends to be dark most of the time, and you will learn this after a while of knowing me.

Here's a video that has absolutely no reference to this subject in any way whatsoever apart from the fact that it is multimedia.


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