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Hello ! Bula ! and Namaste !

Welcome to my site !!!

My name is Ashween Atishwar Prasad. I am enrolled in ITC161 through distance education from Charles Sturt University in year 2013. As part of my assignment two, the task requires designing a simple web page. The next couple of pages of this site is an insight in to where I come from, my academic achievements over the years.

To know more about me and my origin, navigate to the Introduction page using "Introduction" the link above.

To learn about how I spend my spare time and my hobbies, navigate to the Hobbies page using "Hobbies" the link above.

For any concerns related to the contents of this website or to contact the administrator, navigate to the Contact Us page using "Contact" the link above.

To find out more about Charles Sturt University or about the course "ITC161" follow the link below "Charles Sturt University".

Charles Sturt University

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