About Me

Hello This is Bal Krishna Bhandari one of the Undergraduate on Bachelor of Information Technology at Charles Strurt University.I completed my year 12 back in my home country and came to australia in 2015 and living here since then. I have in working in small takeaway cafe in northsydney which is called as "My Friend Enzo" as a receptionist. Working there has improve my communication sinch i have been working there as i get to talk to many customer. The amount earn from my works lets me to collect some money for my pocket money. I have been living with my brother sinch i have arrive in sydney. I am loving the friendly environmet here as sydney as the people here are friendly and the language use here is english.

My early years, which I remember only by parts, were interesting and careless. My childhood was happy because my parents devoted me a lot of time, my brother played with me and read books for me in the evenings. So I can say I was surrounded with love, care and attention. As most children I was sent to the kindergarten at the age of three as both of my parents worked, but as far as I remember I didn't like to attend kindergarten. I'm sure I can never forget my governor who made me eat semolina. In general the attendance of kindergarten seemed boring to me, though mainly there I met my first loyal friend. I think that my star sign can tell you a lot about me, my inside world, soul and character. I believe that stars influence our fate and character, though I don't trust daily horoscopes. I was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Stars affirm that Gemini are active and artistic. These people admire adventures and changes, they make friends with unusual lightness and they are excellent mates too. They are clever, dreamy, kind-hearted and demanding at the same time. They aspire to do several things simultaneously, but they often leave them half-done. Such people hate to listen to complaints and wait for long. I can agree with majority of these statements, though I can't say that I am very demanding.In my opinion I'm a kind-hearted and jolly person. I think I'm responsive and reliable that's why my friends and relatives can always rely on me. I never refuse if people whom I love need support or a piece of advice. I try to be fair and just in attitude to the others. I'm rather calm person, but sometimesI1 can lose my temper and become either angry or sad. I'm modest and sometimes shy, but do not advice someone tricking or kidding me. I like staying alone and sometimes I retire into my shell, but at the same time I like a noisy company of my friends. I like to laugh and joke with them and I never let my friends down.