As a Computer Science Student, Bryce Chambers joined CSU in February 2017. Prior to that he graduated with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics From Charles Sturt Universities Wagga Wagga Campus in 2015.

Corresponding Address:

123 Bunda St
Canberra ACT 2601



0423 777 666


  • Rotary Club Community Driver Program

    This project was built to help local community groups, including Rotary and NSW Police administer a free driver education program. It aims to allow an autonomous way for the organization to manage its car fleet. The reservation system was built from the ground up as nothing could be found that would fit the needs of the organization. Created using the much-loved Django framework.

  • Grafana Dashboards

    This is a backup of my Grafana Dashboards. I homelab in my spare time and have tinkered with Splunk to ingest and desplay logs for my webserver (fantastic, fantastic software). However combining Granfana with influxdb lets you create some very lovely dashboards. Next on the list is to add in live-feed monitoring of my lab and whole-house power usage (including the solar PV array).

  • Next up is HomeAssistant.
    I haven't got a repo set up for this yet as I have only been tinkering with it over the last few weeks. However it is proving to be pretty handy. I'm using IBM's node-red as the 'brain' whilst HA monitors the states. So far I have automated lights with motion detection, power on certain appliances using these babies with tasmota firmware, and am working on getting a voice-controlled home sound system setup using snips.


That's cool, what else should I know?


I'm pretty easy going. If you want to get in touch and collaborate feel free to drop me a message.