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George & Charlotte

George's grant at Albury included land from Eastern Hill to the Murray River and to Mungabarima. In general, the land fell east of the present railway line and he lived where Albury Railway Station-Master's house now stands.

District Office Yass
25 October 1847

I have been requested by Mr George Butt of Camden to make the requisite application to you that the two sections of land marked in the subjoined sketch with red crosses, the sections on which Mount Dixon is situated and that immediately in the Eastward of it may be advertised for occupation at such early date as may be justifiable.
I have the honour to be
Your obedient servant
C P Se(?)
The Dept. of Surveyor General, Sydney

Description - One Hundred and Sixty Five Acres - 165 Ac
County of Goulburn, Parish of Albury, near Albury Allotment No. 40. Bounded on the East by a line bearing North fifty seven chains. Commencing at the South West corner of Allotment No. 39, on the North by a line bearing West twenty nine chains, on the West by fifty seven chains of the East side of a road, one chain wide bearing South, and on the South by Twenty nine chains of the North side of a road one chain wide bearing East to the South west corner of Allotment No. 39 aforesaid.

Proposed price One Pound per acre to be put up at Yass - 2 portions
Surveyor General's report: Vacant
Colonial Secretary's decision: Approved
Authorised: 8 December 1847

The Colonial Treasurer to the Colonial Secretary,
Applying for Deed of Grant
Revenue Branch, Colonial Treasury
Sydney 19 August 1853

Dear Sir
With reference to my letter of this date, transmitting a report of the Sales of Land held on the 28th April last, and referring more particularly to the Sale at Albury, which shows George Butt of Albury to have been the purchaser of the following lots (viz):

LOT 57 Parish of Albury ALLOTMENT 40, 165 Acres PRICE £280.10s.00d
Amount in all to the sum of 280 Pounds 10 shillings which amount has been paid into this office, I do myself the honour to enclose herewith the description of the land referred to, and to request you will please cause the necessary Deed of Grant to be prepared in favour of the above named purchaser, and transmitted to me through the usual channel, as convenient.
I have the honour to be
Your most obedient servant
The Honourable The Colonial Secretary
Deed executed 20 August 1853 6

George's youngest son James built his four-roomed slab timber house from trees felled in Schubach Street, Albury. The slabs were cut with an adze, while the bricks which went to construct a fireplace 'large enough to stand in'  were made by hand at Albury Brick Kiln. The floor was also brick, while the roof was covered with shingles. The kitchen was detached from the main house.

In 1867, the Albury retailer Mates Store, staged a special exhibition showing a ' very new idea - galvanised iron'  which was nailed over the home's shingles. In 1960 the iron was ceremoniously removed and reports say it was 'as good as the day it was applied'.

Interestingly, the home still survives, for following a demolition order from Albury City Council, the cottage was offered to Jindera Historical Society, who subsequently re-erected the relic at the rear of Wagner's Store, Jindera.

Meanwhile, Stephen Butt (George and Charlotte's fourth child) bought Mount Pleasant at Thurgoona (located on the Sydney Road, Albury) in 1859. He had earlier married Mary Jackson in Albury in 1854. Some of the Butt family still live in Thurgoona.

If Albury can thank George and Charlotte's pioneering spirit in helping settle the then fledgling town, their efforts did not remain in agricultural matters, for between 1865 to 1875, the names of G. Butt, J. Butt and S. Butt appeared as trustees of the Wesleyan Church at Albury. 1

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