Career Objective

I am keen to commence my career in an organisation that has a strong commitment to the development and growth of esports. I wish to work with a similar minded company that can see the positive future and potential that esports can offer the global community.

Skills, Experience And Personal Attributes

Problem Solving

My strongest and most valuable skill would have to be my ability to solve problems and to pre-empt possible problems that can be avoided or minimised in the future. My ability to analyse a situation and identify possible problems allows me to put in place backup or contingency plans to prevent or limit the effect these problems may have. Every job I have worked has needed me to be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently which include replacing staff at short notice to medical emergencies procedures for a childcare centre.


Communication is another skill I like to pride myself on as it can prevent misunderstandings and reduce the number of problems you face. Communication can be in numerous forms from verbal to written to body language that can affect the message given or received. My experience running 2 childcare centres gave me the largest challenges in communication as I would need to communicate with customers, suppliers, staff and children in both written and verbal from face to face and long distances. While I faced many communication challenges I successfully overcame them and am now a better communicator for it.

Ability to Learn Quickly

As a business owner, I had to perform many jobs and quickly learn new ones. I was not a childcare worker when I started our childcare business but knew what I needed to learn, and done that quickly to make sure I was ready to run a successful business. My ability to learn quickly also gave me the advantage of being able to adapt to change. Change happens with some of it planned and some of it unplanned. By having the ability to learn and adapt to changes quickly it limits the reduction in my productivity while the changes are taking place.

Computer literacy

As part of my degree studies as well as having a strong personal interest in computing I regularly use the following computer applications:

Interests And Activities

Competition is something I find very interesting and use it every day to push and improve myself. I play Netball and Volleyball to keep active and physical and like play a variety of computer games depending on my mood. I also use computer games as a great social experience and have many friends around Australia that I regularly keep in touch with as the result of competitive play.