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Coin Operated Arcade Restorations

I entered into this hobby around 10 years ago, when a friend and I both born in the Seventies, reminisced about the fun we used to have at the old "Timezone" in Brisbane, and earlier memories of the various arcade and pinball machines at the "local" snack bar.

We decided after a few drinks that we would purchase one for old times sake. After investigating the prices at various retailers including Game Dude Arcade we decided to make our own, as the prices were exorbitant. "It shouldn't be too hard" we reassured ourselves.

"It shouldn't be too hard we reassured ourselves, a comment we would both loose sleep and hair over in the next coming 12 months."
"Only $150 dollars, we should get this going for about another $250, it's a bargain. Oh we would remember those words too."

Our First Arcade Cocktail Machine

We finally tracked down a sit down "cocktail" arcade machine, an old space invaders, from an ex arcade operator in Byron Bay. It was very rough and did not work, but the price was right at a mere $150. Little did we realise that it would cost a WHOLE lot more in the end.

The initial stage was to tear out everything inside that looked electronic, first of all getting an electrician friend to "discharge" the old CRT tube. DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF!!! You can cause yourself a lot of damage and indeed death. Once that was completed, we had an empty shell to work from.

We then investigated the various options regarding power supply, controls, game board and CRT tube. It all looked a bit daunting, then a friend mentioned MAME Well this totally changed the outlook from "Mission Impossible" to "We might just still be able to pull it off".

MAME and other wonders

Well we decided we needed a lot more information, and through word of mouth we came across the most informative, funny, helpful bunch of people on a forum called Aussie Arcade. A benefit, being it and they are Australian based. A problem with other sites and forums, was the fact most were US based, and a simple, could you come over and have a look, took on a new meaning.

Please enjoy the next few pages, discussing this and other adventures in the wonderful world of rediscovered misspent youth.
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