This microsite has been designed to to convey a brief description of who I am and what my current interests are. This site fulfils the requirements of this assignment by using all of the required HTML tags. I have chosen to present my current interests in a blog-like fashion.

As I work with web technologies every day I have taken this opportunity to add CSS and flesh the site out a bit more than what is required. I have validated this site against the HTML5 and CSS3.

Brief history

Born in Sydney my family spent a few fleeting years in Melbourne before moving to central west New South Wales to reside on a farm near Peak Hill. After my parents had separated my mother had had enough of farm life and decided to move to a neighboring town of Parkes where I spend the remainder of my childhood and adolescence.

A key turning point in my life was when I was offered a computer in exchange for helping a family friend chop wood each weekend throughout winter, I was 12 years old. From this point on I have had an obsession with all things computer related.



All content on this site is my own - made by me, unless otherwise stated.

A quick Google search will show you that there are millions of resources available for web development. Entire websites devoted to design, accessibility and code. This is my short-list for HTML:

Australian Government Web Guide
Recommendations and requirements for Australian Government websites.
w3c HTML specification
Describes how the browser should interpret HTML.
w3c Markup Validation Service
This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc
Great index of tags, their syntax and what they are meant to be used for.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
A good reference for accessibility.