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Hi, I'm Bethany and I didn't know what to put on this page. Basically I'm just going to put a whole bunch of stuff on here about cats, essentially because I can. I used to have two cats named Millie and Lola. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to write in here so I'm just going to write random text to fill up the space and make it look like I have more to say here.

Cats are a type of animal that you keep inside your house. That is a quality factoid right there. Definitely keep that one in handy next time you're at a party and the conversation starts lagging. I think cats are supposed to originate in Northern Africa or something, but there is definitely a bunch of them in South America too. One time when I was a kid I did a project about Ocelots, which live in South America. They have nice fur patterns, and people sell them as pets? I dunno. The main point here is cats, and to fill up space on this web-page

But back to the cats....

Here is a list of things about cats:

  1. Lola is the tabby cat in the pictures. We called her Mega-Bitch
  2. The nick-name 'Mega-Bitch' was for entirely self-evident reasons
  3. Millie is the orange cat. She is a sweetheart
  4. Millie the cat was nick-named 'Millie-pede'
  5. Lola had a friend at one point that we called 'Moustache Cat'
  6. The name 'Moustache Cat' was also for entirely self evident reasons

Here is a video

When we moved to Perth we house sat a cat called Rudi. Rudi is the weirest cat I've ever met. No like seriously he's super weird. Currently I am adding more text here to make things look a bit more balanced on the page. Just in case it was not already super obvious.

Here he is jumping onto the fridge dramatically:

We may have made this video for my Dad for his birthday

(His name is Wayne)

Pictures of Cats


Table Comparing Lola and Millie

Thing Lola Millie
Biting for absolutely no reason
Face looks like a triangle
Making James1 Allergic
Not caring that they make James allergic
Correct Litterbox Usage
Not being an arse-hole

1James is my husband. He is allergic to cats. He took the photos