Training in the Arts

Welcome to my site.

I'm Brittany. I have been a training martial artist for 14 years now.

My training began at age 7, starting with a Japanese style of Aikido Yoshinkan, a hard 'style' of non-competative, self defensive application arts. It started off as a discipline building method mixed with rigorous physical activity. However, it did progress into a passion for martial arts activities, and lead to training into other different styles.

After becoming a shodan (1st degree black belt) in Aikido. I began cross training into Jigen-ryū for weaponry practice and Kyokushin kaikan. These full contact styles are what lead me into open style competitions, two years later, when I was 13.

It was at one of these competitions I met Hirano-sensei, who offered me private training under his family. I spent two years in Hokkaidō, Japan learning from him, in full-time intensive training. Since then I have become a recognised teacher in two styles and cross trained into Ki Sei Do Kai, upon my return to Australia.

My current progression is training into a pure boxing style, to build speed.



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