My Life

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My Beginning

I am Parvat Sapkota. I am 27 years old. I hail from a beautiful country Nepal. After I finished my high school, I was looking for life changing opportunities. And so unfortunately I had to leave my home country. I came to this blessed country around 5 years ago. And I have collected so many new experiences. Life never has been the same since I left my country. Some of the most important goal of my life are;

First Few Days In Australia

I came to Australia in 2014. Initially I stayed with my uncle. First few months were very hard for me to stay in Australia. I used to miss home a lot. Especially, dad mom and my brothers. This was the first time I have been away from my home and family. But then time went by, And I had to focus on the goal that brought me here.


I did my High School and came here. I took science as a major in my high school. I was very interested in Computers from my very childhood. So I came Australia to get a Bachelors degree in Information technology. I began with diploma. I did my diploma in Supreme College which is located in Town Hall Sydney. After, the completion of my diploma. I choose Charles Strut University to get my bachelors degree. Because of my diploma I was able to get 8 credit units. I find this university very helpful. Now I am more clear about my course. So I have decide to get a major in Networking.


I currently work as a Manager in a café. The name of the café is Portobello Café. It is located in 3 East Circular Quay. When I started working there around 5 years ago. I used to clean dishes which was not easy. Especially, back home I had done nothing like that. And then I worked hard, started learning coffee and worked as a barista for couple of years. I used to the orders for the café. Seeing this my boss wanted to give me more duties and hence asked me to handle the café for him.