Network Engineer

About Me

Basic info and Goals

I, Chirangivee Acharya, born on 14th December 1997, am an energetic, enthusiastic, creative thinker, friendly and hardworking lad. Starting the course of my IT study from the year 2016, I can claim myself as a competent professional in networking. I am a polite and well-mannered professional who is able to follow directions accurately and possess good attention to detail. I am always been very keen to do something different than others. Completing some of my studies in own country, I have coome to Australia for further studies seeking for quality education. However, I have a very strong desire of making my country more developed in IT field. Thus, I have planned to work in some of the IT companies here, collect the experiences and return back to home country for its betterment in IT field.

Academics and qualification

< 2003 to 2014 > School level education < 2014 to 2016 > Advanced Level Education in Science < 2016 to 2017 > Computer Basics, Diploma and Networking courses < 2018 to 2021 > Bachelors in IT-Networking