Body Systems LSM400 Linear Smith Machine


  • Smooth Smith Action: The bar (rated at 800 lb. capacity) slides on Teflon bushings alongside solid steel guide rods. Smooth motion is key to successful workouts, as the target muscles are utilized to their full potential with each repetition.
  • Mountain View
    • Proper Angle: The bar travels along a 7 degree path from vertical. Studies have shown that this is the proper lifting angle to increase your comfort and prevent injury.

    • Safety: The LSM400 has 20 lock-out points for a safe, solid stop at any point in your workout routine.

    • Rugged: Constructed with heavy 12 gauge steel and 7 gauge reinforcing plate. This is a unit built to last.

    • Warranty: Every part of the LSM400 has a lifetime guarantee. We will replace or repair anything that goes wrong.


    Optional Attachments

    1. Selectorized Lat/Row station (Part: MA831-4)
    2. Pec Dec station (Part: MA218-6)
    3. Dip station (Part: MA105-3)
    4. Plate tree (Part: MA488-0)
    5. Accessory organizer (MA212-1)
    6. Workout DVD (MA051-1)
    7. Workout poster (MA055-3)

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