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Welcome to the homepage of toasterbot. This website is currently something Iíve been working on for a university project.

Giving a brief run down, toasterbot is an art portfolio website Iíve created for my MPI110 assignment. I thought this would best suit me, as an artist I needed somewhere to show off my finished work. This website was created using HTML/CSS in Notepad using pervious coding Iíve kept from websites I built in high school. The rest of the images and videos have been either done in Photoshop, Flash or Paint Tool Sai, art programs which I often uses when creating my works.

Please feel free to explore the site and check out some of my wonderful links and my art work.


*Suta-Raito* All Anime!

All content of this website is (c) Cailin Elliott unless stated otherwise. Do not use or copy any material unless you ask for permission before hand.