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Hello and welcome to the website. This site will discribe me and my interests. Please use the navigiation links on the top of the site to move around the site.

This website allows me to develop and practice my XHTML and CSS. I did learn HTML 4 and some CSS, but lately I've been using CSM frameworks like mambo, joomla, and wordpress. These allows for quick setup and detailed support. I've also used other more specific website packages to create website based photo galleries, a music jukebox for the house, and web based FTP browsers. Since I basically skipped XHTML, I'm enjoying learning it. I do wish that this course would focus abit more on HTML 5 since it is already supported in all major browsers and will be the main standard for internet publishing. It also looks like an exciting technology with its ability to create flash like websites without plugins. It's also complicated enough to deserve a proper course in understanding how it works. Understanding HTML 5 is important for I.T. and even business people to learn due to the ever increasing likeness to be used as a popular platform to run applications and services on.


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