Editorial: Conscience vote say aye

Editorial: Conscience vote say aye

Federal politicians should be allowed to vote according to their personal beliefs on upcoming bills which change the Marriage Act.

Bright future for Alex

Sport:Bright future for Alex

RISING tennis star Alex Bourgeois overcame a sickness to win the first of two under-16s Gold tournaments.

Your are invited to travel around Australia and our community - the Wander Valley

Sydney Opera House
Teachers to strike despite call to move action out of classrooms

A planned teachers' strike will go ahead tomorrow with parents to make alternative arrangements for children

Parents will be forced to take their children to work or make alternative arrangements for their care on Friday morning between 9am and 11am while teachers attend a stop-work meeting.

Most state schools have sent out letters and text messages to inform parents their children should not be at school until after the stop-work meeting tomorrow.

Top cop focus on youth issue

Top cop focus on youth issue

New commander Supt Rob Critchlow, at Chatswood police station, says Asian crime is not an issue.

REDUCING youth crime and working with the local Asian community is the focus for new North Shore police commander, Superintendent Rob Critchlow.

The 42-year-old upper north shore father of two, took up his new position at Chatswood police station last month.

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