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Hi !!

I am Sameera Jalajjage. I am an interesting, fun loving guy with a good sense of humor. I’m currently studying at Charles Sturt University in Melbourne Australia. Before I joined CSU I was studying at the School in Sri Lanka named Sri Sumangala Collage. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka it is a beautiful country, is a small island country located southeast of the India and northeast of the Maldives.

Some interests I have got are, playing cricket, watching movies, cooking

Cricket is a most famous and passionate sports in Sri Lanka I love to play cricket and watch international cricket games.

My favorite movies......

Cooking has been a huge interest of mine. My mom's a great cook- especially in Asian cooking. I think I have got it from her. From my point of view, having learned how to cook, makes a person’s life much easier.

Thank You !