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I am a graphic artist and photographer based in Eastlakes, NSW. I specialise in street and artistic photgraphy, 3D designs and branding. I make visual ideas, utilizing computing softwares or by hand, to impart thoughts that motivate, advise, and enamor buyers.
I build up the general format and creation plan for different applications, for example, commercials, leaflets, magazines, and corporate reports. For taking snapshots my choice of camera is the Nikon D3300 while Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign remains a firm choice for graphic arts and design to produce nice and vibrant images and contents. I take to details in every pictures taken as reproducing successful pictures requires me to choose and present a subject to attain an effect, and to select the appropriate camera and other photographic enhancing tools.
I'm an enthusiastic user of 3DS Max, Maya, Lightroom and Blender and use them whenever I want to structure 3D elements to my works. If i am not designing, i will be seen drawing sketches. I love to play soccer and basketball, and I love photography!
I am for freelance photographer available for any prospective jobs.




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