About me

My name is Chittaranjan Nimmala. My educational qualifications include a bachelor of technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University from board of intermediate education, Andhra pradesh, India. At present, I am doing my masters in Information Technology from one of the famous Universities that is the Charles Sturt University, Melbourne.

Why Australia

About the educational opportunities in Australia

The fulfilment of a dream education and living

The reason that I chose Australia to do my Masters is, it has a diverse choice of study for students all over the world. It has more than 1200 educational academies with 22,000 courses. And living Melbourne has always been a dream for me. So I grabbed the very first chance and took admission in the Charles Sturt University.

Charles Sturt University Melbourne

When I was doing my bachelors I heard about the Charles Sturt University from a friend and started getting information about them online. I was impressed with their academic results and other activities and it was then that I decided to do my masters from the Sturt University.


Information Technology

I always had an interest in technical studies. So, I took up Information Technology as a subject to study and get degrees on. It is the field that enables individuals to gain expertise in different area of IT.