My Portfolio

Hello there. Hope you are well. Now, as you have on Rahat's official website, you might want to know me a little bit. Well, sometimes it's good to know about others. Okay then. Let's start.

Let's talk about the part of the world i'm from

The country I am from is called Bangladesh. Located at the south part of the continent of Asia. The most valuable part of my country is its natural sceneries. Oh! how beautiful that is want to see a picture, Here you go!!!


If you want to see more pictures like that click here.

Alright.Now, let's talk about something else. How about me?

So let's talk about my volunteer experience.

  1. Strategic organizer on Harmony day Australia at Darling harbor, Sydney.
  2. Member of Inter Cultural Relations Sydney.
  3. Founder of Bangladesh community youth club, Sydney.
  4. Member of a fund raising community for helping Syrian children in the winter, Sydney.

Now here are some of my favorite writers.


The purpose of making this website is help a total unknown person help know better about me. what I do? where I am from? whom I like? etc are enlisted on this website. If you are wondering this is a very basic and normal website, you are right. As of my fist ever written website I am quite happy with this one. Thank you for taking the time to watch over my website, nonetheless, over me. You are appreciated and always welcome to visit my page anytime. Thanks again.