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Hi Everyone! This is Israel I came to Melbourne in August 2015.It was something new for me to live here. I am a fun easy-going person.My Hobby is to see different places and meet people and enjoy the earth! I love to know about different people everywhere.
I'm a young, diligent, motivated individual encompassing a range of qualities making me unique and different. AB is my brand of professionalism, of technology, of modernism, of quality. AB has successfully brands with high end marketing, web development and software engineering qualities with affordability, efficiency and excellence, satisfying all parties.


I'm currently doing my studies at Charles Sturt University, Melbourne, Vic. Its a great college for learning alongside the brightest and the best in fields of software development and web development. Listed are certifications, degrees and acknowledgements below:


Travelling is my passion. When I'm not front of the computer, I'm out venturing.I'm full of adventures and travels. He is keen to get to know about cultures around the world. I love challenges and don’t rest until I accomplish the impossible. I Get along with all I meet. I enjoys giving back to the community.

  • Playing games
  • Enjoying Nature
  • Meeting new people
  • Community Services

    Helped in the field of Age CARE and helping people with needs .I have the desire to help whenever and wherever possible.I involved in community service organizations such as Sheesha and am a active member of worldwide efforts such as Hunger Free, Providing help to the needy and Educate Children.


    U Reach Solutions, Bangalore, INDIA (Trainee) Environment: SAS 9.1, SAS/SQL, SAS/BASE, SAS/MACROS, SAS/GRAPH, Advanced Excel Trainee SAS/Statistical Programmer Jan 2013

    Technical Proficiencies:

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