David On Rugby

This website is based around an interest I have, which is Rugby Union.

History of Rugby Union

Rugby union was being played widely in schools around the time of 1800's. The first sense of rugby was formed when a student picked up a ball and ran with it, this was Willam Webb Ellis which is now the name of the Rugby World Cup Trophy. In the 1845 the first set of written rules was formulated by three school boys, because the rules were dictated by students. The formation of the first Rugby Union was in 1870 where it was believed to be too hard to play the game against other clubs which had different rules, which brought about 21 clubs joining to create a standard of rules throughout the clubs. The result of this meeting was the creation of the Rubgy Football Union.

The International Rugby Football Board was formed by Scotland, Ireland and Wales in 1896. England would not join because they had a greater amount of clubs, which they insisted to have a a greater representation in the board. England disapproved the IRFB as the body to create rules for the game, and would not conform to their rules. The IRFB representing countries agreed not to play England unless they join the board and conformed to the IRFB rules. In 1930 it was agreed that all games would use the IRFB standard of rules. In 1997 the IRFB moved location from London to Dublin and changed it's name to the Internation Rugby Board (IRB).