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Hi, welcome to my Trip tips webpage, I love traveling and believe that if you can have access to getting the best travel deals without compromising quality and safety then you can do it yourself.

I will be sharing some of my secrets with you and also you may want to share yours with me? Frustrated by having no Travel agent in your town fear not – all you need is internet access and the travel agent is you!

I will also be sharing some of my experiences with you – things I have learnt along the way

Trip tips enable you to see for yourself the many wonderful ideas and companies available from flights, accommodation and tours. Trip tips are a website to help you get started. Many sites are easily found on the web but I will provide links to one’s especially user friendly

Also I have dedicated a page to my own travels so you can see some of the places I have been, all booked by myself at home saving loads of money, and having the ability to choose where, when and for how long I want to stay.

So work out a budget and get to work looking at Trip tips along the way as a guide to building your holiday or getaway

Last but not least, feel free to share your thoughts on my Trip Tips. I would like hear and learn from you too.

I hope I have taken out some of the confusion and fear of planning your unique next trip! Happy Trip tipping