Dhrumil Joshi IT RESUME

Dhrumil Joshi

Dhrumil Joshi


To associate myself with an organization that has the potential for future growth and ample scope of learning.
To achieve remarkable position in an organization by using best of my knowledge, by utilizing skills.

Project Summary:
  1. Company: HCL Career Development Centre, Ahmadabad.
    • Project Name: Free SMS Sending.
    • Scripting Language: Asp.Net With C#
    • Back End: MY SQL 2005
    • Run On: Any operating System.
    • My Role: System Designer, Data Base.

    Trainee Engineer
    HCL - Ahmadabad, Gujarat
    6 months external project in 7TH semester.

  2. Collage final semester project.
    • Project Name: Online shopping.
    • Script Language: PHP with C#
    • Back End: Navigate Premium Data base.
    • Run On: Any operating System.
    • My Role: Contain Idea, Formation, Testing.

My knowledge in the relevant field:



Additional Information

  1. Computer Knowledge:
    • Proficient in Using of MS-Office.
    • Language : C, C++, ASP.NET, PHP.
    • Database System : SQL.
    • Windows98, 2000, XP, 7, 8, Vista, Linux.
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Certified.
    • Microsoft Project management.
    • Database.
    • Information Security.
    • Digital Forensics.
    • Cloud Computing.
    • Linux.
  2. Key Strength:
    • Good in documentation.
    • Ability of quick learning.
    • Ability of good communication skill with person inside or outside of the organization.
    • Good and effective presentation skill.
    • Effective leadership skill.