Top Three Countries I Would Like to Visit

These are the 3 countries I would most like to visit next - Brazil, Egypt and French Polynesia. Below you can click on a flag to view some information on each of the 3 countries and learn about some of the things to do and see in each.

I am writing an assignment for my ITC104 - Introduction to Computer Science class. This assignment is an introduction to XHTML. It contains a number of XHTML features, including external cascading style sheets, tables, lists, use of different fonts, comments within the body of the XHTML, metatags and graphics.

The website has been designed using a basic template structure I designed, with a navigation bar along the side of each page and a navigation section at the bottom of the page. I have used div's to create blocks or sections on my pages, allowing me to position elements such as images or blocks of text where I want around a page. Each page has been designed to use the strict document type definition - DTD.

Click on a flag to view more about each country
Brazil Eygpt French Polynesia
Brazil Egypt French Polynesia

Brazil Egypt French Polynesia