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This website is all about a hobby of mine, Aquarism. I have a variety of freshwater fish but the coolest of all my little fishes are the cichlids. There are two main types of cichlids, African and American (or new world) cichlids. I have kept fish for a number of years now, but have only recently started keeping cichlids about a year ago. I started with a 60L tank, and now have a 300L tank in my dining area. Of the two tanks I have, the 300L tank contains aggressive African cichlids that swim fast and are impossible to take photos of, except the red jewel pictured below; and a 'hospital' tank that houses mainly American cichlids that could not make it in the other tank.

Red Jewel

It is such a shame not all cichlids like each other, as they are all so cute! If you are thinking about getting some, good for you! They are very easy to take care of, especially if you have an automatic feeder. It is like having living art in your house. Below I have included a compatibility chart, to see if the cichlids you want to buy will like each other.

  • Green: means they are compatible.
  • Yellow: means they are sometimes compatible.
  • Red: means they are not compatible.
Compatibility chart
American Central American South Malawi Tanganyuka Victoria
American Central
American South

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