ITC125 Assignment 1

Part 1

My homepage. My target audience are those who just browse - Where's Wally watchers. The preparation of this homepage could not have been done without these references and acknowledgements which I can assure you were greatly appreciated.
My student ID is dsmith, and the URL of the start page for each part of the assignment is:

Part 2

The topic I selected is "Computer Assisted Learning".

The results of my searches are:

Firstly I used with the syntax computer+assisted+ learning (option all) and got 62 hits. The first 20 hits were all journal sites in various areas, eg. dentistry, veterinary education, where computer assisted learning journal/tutorials can be obtained.

I was given the option to research computer assisted learning in an Electric Library, through the Infonautics Network where I limited my search results to 150 hits and 99 were obtained for text documents.

I then defined my search for using with the phrase computer assisted learning and got 20 hits.
I further requested a search of Newsgroups following on from above and received hits using the syntax computer assisted learning. I got 10 hits which I am unable to produce for you due to computer malfunction. This search concentrated on each word used, not as a phrase. One site was a depression support group and there was only one referring to computer assisted courses avaiable.

Through OVID using ERIC database and the syntax computer assisted learning, 466 hits were made. I limited the search to ERIC Digests for the years 1996 to 2000 and did not get any hits.

Another search engine used was Syntax used was computer assisted learning. The search was limited to the category Science and Technology. 369 hits were obtained. The first 10 sites covered learning tools for children, a University's distance education learning initiative, and resources for teachers, just to name a few.

My final search was using the Newsgroup search engine, using the phrase computer assisted learning. 5674 hits were made for forum areas matching my search. These forums were not all computer based.