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Suggested Honours Research Projects



Suggested Topics for Honours Projects
What happens if we protect one and not the other?

Properties deemed to possess cultural values are protected by being listed on Local Environmental Plans and State Heritage registers, depending on their significance. If properties are listed, an array of regulatory mechanisms ensures their protection and management. If properties are not listed, owners are free to alter the appearance of the property in any way shape of form permitted under general building regulations.
This thesis will look at two suburbs of Albury and will compare the management and modification history of heritage listed properties with their unlisted neighbours to evaluate the impact of cultural change and taste on unlisted properties. The study will inform heritage management decisions

Mañana, mañana:
That leaking gutter can wait til tomorrow
A basis tenet of property management is that prevention is better than a cure, that maintenance is better, and cheaper, than repair. Yet the reality of the matter is that many historic and heritage listed properties suffer from benevolent neglect. Maintenance is regularly deferred, to the detriment of the integrity of historic fabric. But why? This is a problem on a nation-wide scale.
This thesis shall look at the critical issue of maintenance, and the lack thereof, with respect to heritage properties by assessing the attitudes owners have towards their properties and maintenance. The ultimate aim is to understand the problem so that management, education and regulatory strategies can be developed to safeguard the future of our heritage places.
The Great Flood of 2010:
effects of urban flooding on local heritage
Natural disasters are a common occurrence in Australia. If we are not facing bush fires, it's floods, hail storms or typhoons. The occurrence of a disaster is not a question of 'if', but 'when.' Yet we tend to to be woefully unprepared for the inevitable, particularly when it comes to the protection of heritage places.
The study shall look at the preparedness of a local government area to deal with widespread flooding affecting heritage places and shall identify factors inhibiting effective disaster management for heritage places
"It is important, is it?"
Attitudes towards heritage by elected local government officials
As in any other state in Australia, local councillors in New South Wales are elected by the people of their communities. As councillors and mayors they set the political agenda, and through their leadership, or inaction as the case the may be, they exert great influence on the protection of our past. But how well prepared are they for the challenges they face.
The study will look at the attitudes of local councillors in a range of local government areas, comparing those newly elected at this year's council elections with those who are serving a consecutive term. Are the new councillors adequately prepared, are there induction and training programs in place that address heritage issues and what is the extent of local managerial 'culture' in the 'acculturation' of the new members.
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