'Prudentia' (Johann Comenius, Orbis Sensualium Pictus 1658)


Cultural and Community Grants

Title of Grant grant Agency Year Value
''Murray Time' (Publication Grant)
(Downing, Spennemann)
ACC 2003 Aus$ 1,450
''Murray Time' goes on the Road (Exhibition Grant)
(Downing, Spennemann)
CASP 2003 Aus$ 821
''Murray Time' An illustrated progressive Novel (Project Grant)
(Downing, Spennemann)
CASP 2003 Aus$ 1,980
''Murray Time' A progressive Novel (Project Startup Grant)
(Downing, Spennemann)
WCC 2003 Aus$ 990
Anthology of New Albury Writing (Publication Grant)
(Downing, Graham, Spennemann)
ACC 2002 Aus$ 3,720
Anthology of Albury Writing 1856-2000 (Publication Grant)
(Downing, Spennemann)
ACC 2000 Aus$ 4,500
Anthology of Albury Writing 1856-2000 (Research Grant)
(Downing, Spennemann)
ACC 1999 Aus$ 1,200
The grants listed are competetive grants only. The grant sums shown do not include any collateral or support funds obtained on the strength of the original grant.


ACCCity of Albury, Cultural Grants Scheme
AINSEAustralian Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering
AVCCAustralian Vice-Chancellor's Committe, Research Grant
ARC/SMGAustralian Research Council, Small Grants Scheme
CASPCountry Arts Support Programme Grants Scheme, Regional Arts NSW
VicArtsArts Programme Grants Scheme, Arts Victoria
WCCWodonga City Council, Cultural Grants Scheme

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