'Prudentia' (Johann Comenius, Orbis Sensualium Pictus 1658)

Research Grants

Title of grantAgencyYearValue
Key Researcher GrantCSU2005Aus$ 5,000
Key Researcher GrantCSU2003Aus$ 8,000
On-line Publishing House
(Green, Spennemann)
CSU/INF2001Aus$ 45,000
Key Researcher GrantCSU2000Aus$ 8,500
Key Researcher GrantCSU1999Aus$ 8,800
Nathan Cobb Laboratory Conservation Project
(Ballantyne, Spennemann)
NSWH1998Aus$ 10,000
Review of Aboriginal Archaeology in the Albury-Wodonga RegionAWDC1998Aus$ 2,857
Effect of bushfires on Aboriginal sitesJCPRH1997Aus$ 2,000
Ocean-Reservoir Effect calibration in FijiARC/SMG1997Aus$ 7,609
Rural Heritage Values of Thurgoona: archival vs architectural evidenceJCPRH1996Aus$ 2,000
Determining a marine correction factor for the Marshall Islands using
Tridacna shell spanning the last 90 years
AINSE1996Aus$ 2,680
Electronic publishing tools
(Green, Bossomeier, Spennemann, Atkinson)
AVCC1995Aus$ 60,000
Inter-species variability of 14C dates in fossil marine shellsAINSE1995Aus$ 8,750
Fine-scale dating of fossil marine shells
(Head, Spennemann)
AINSE1995Aus$ 10,018
Rural Cultural Heritage: community vs. academic valuesARC/SMG1995Aus$ 5,119
Visibility of archaeological sites & its implications for CRMJCPRH1995Aus$ 1,750
Natural Disasters and their mitigation: impacts on heritageJCPRH1994/5Aus$ 2,000
Computerised Interactive Cultural Resource Inventory TrainingCAUT1993/4Aus$ 33,908
Cultural Resources Inventory, WWII Sites Marshall IslandsOTIA1992US$ 150,000
Metal Conservation Training (Equipment), Marshall IslandsSPCF1991Aus$ 16,000
Cultural Resource Management Plan, Marshall IslandsSPCF1991Aus$ 10,000
The grants listed are competetive grants only. The grant sums shown do not include any collateral or support funds obtained on the strength of the original grant.


AINSEAustralian Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering
AVCCAustralian Vice-Chancellor's Committe, Research Grant
ARC/SMGAustralian Research Council, Small Grants Scheme
ADWCAlbury-Wodonga Development Corporation
CSU/INFCharles Sturt University, Infrastructure Grant
CAUTCouncil for the Advancement of University Teaching, Dept of Employment, Education and Training
JCPRHJohnstone Centre of Parks, Recreation ad Heritage, Charles Sturt University
NSWHNew South Wales, Department of Heritage
OTIAOffice of Territorial and International Affairs, US Department of the Interior
SPCFSouth Pacific Cultures Fund, Commonwealth of Australia

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