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Dead End
Twelve Months of Homeless Dying on the Streets of Anchorage


In total nineteen homeless men and women died on the streets of Anchorage in the twelve month period between 7 May 2009 and 18 April 2010.*) This amounts to almost 5% of the total homeless population in Anchorage, estimated at about 400 persons. In total, the number of homeless deaths in the streets exceeded that annual homicide total for the city. For a visitor, the death rate is shocking. The topology of death on the streets is stark: park benches, scrub land, roadside ditches and even a rubbish compactor. Each case is depressing in itself, but cumulatively it creates a litany of a desolate urban wasteland.




Out North
Gallery of Contemporary Art

Anchorage, Alaska

(21 January to 13 February 2011)

additional venues are under negotiation


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