dirk hr spennemann photography




Light Lines
architecture for a modern age


Dirk Spennemann re-frames details of Art Deco architecture in the Southern Riverina, using mainly Art Deco-period cameras. His black and white images capture the interplay of light and shadows on these highly structured façades. Celebrating the machine age, Art Deco combined new technologies with ancient forms and motifs drawn from Mesoamerica and Egypt. Art Deco architecture emphasised linear symmetry, using strong and streamlined forms intended to invoke a sense of progress. Light Lines draws the observer's eye, imparting a sense of direction: onwards and upwards, a future of progress awaits.




Lane Gallery, Albury Museum

(8 July - 9 October 2011)

Wagga Wagga
Museum of the Riverina

(17 February-25 March 2012)