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Echoes of the Past

On-line Exhibit (NSW)

The exhibition was conceptualised as 20 images from the Riverina. In this configuration it was launched in Albury (NSW) and then toured to Temora (NSW) and Tanunda (SA) and later also to Wagga Wagga (NSW.) The image content of the exhibition was altered for the show in Hahndorf (SA), by reducing the twenty Riverina images to a dozen and adding a dozen South Australian images (see here).

A receding window of the Past

He left his mark

Pining Away




"Here rests in God our faithful father"

Your Faith Is Your Foundation

The Door to the Past is always open


Dissonant Reality

Faith no more

The Wheel of Time

The Whorl


Living Heritage

Bread and Brick

A Magnificident Shed

When only the best will do


Empty and Forlorn

He laid down his tools

The dirly grind no more

A protected future?