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366 days... 2 cameras...364 people

All of us are enmeshed in a daily network of inter-personal relationships: with family and friends, acquaintances and co-workers, with people in shops or strangers in the street. It is the sum of all these relationships that defines our social world.

The eyes } world { hands project documents the world seen through the eyes of photographic artist Dirk Spennemann. On each day of the year in 2008, Dirk photographed a different person, with the first and last days book-ended by 'self-portraits' of the two cameras used.

Shot on location, these images capture the diversity of modern society, filtered by the photographer's experience and contact range. The 364 photographic portraits focus on the eyes and hands of the participants. In most eyes you can see a reflected image of the world around the photographer, and in the hands you see the instruments that actively shaped that world 2008.

The portraits encompass all walks of life, from A (academic) to Z (zoo photographer), from high (flight attendant) to low (diving consultant), from high-tech (IT specialist) to low-tech (happy camper), from past (archaeologist) to future (futurist).

The locations where the eye photos were taken reflects the artist's own activity range. As an university academic, he traveled to a variety of locations in Australia and overseas during 2008. While the majority of images were taken in Albury-Wodonga, the photo series exemplifies the increasing mobility and globalization of our community





Regional Art Gallery

Albury, NSW

(23 October - 6 December 2009)




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