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[urban acid ity]



       The TTV (through-the viewfinder) images provide a fresh approach to urban photography. Low angle ant-vision viewpoints are combined with the dramatic focus drop-off of the curved viewfinder glass to open up new visions of urban life.

       Urbanacidity presents a series of works that can be collected and displayed individually or can be combined into wall installations. it provides collectors with the freedom to develop their own mosaics or linear narratives (examples here) that reflect their own urban experiences.



Melbourne's Laneways

28 works, each issued as an edition of 50 numbered 12"x12" prints on gallery paper
$250 (unframed)

The works in the Melbourne Laneways series capture the interplay between the static and the mobile. The urban street art of Melbourne has a vibrancy that challenges the passers-by to engage in a conversation. From active avoidance to physical connection, the human dimensions brings the art to life.


D Spennemann PO Box 3440, Albury NSW 2640, Australia
or e-mail to acidity [at] spennemann.net