The purpose of the calculator is to predict the 'average' price of a bottle of Australian wine for a given set of attributes. The user inputs the following information for a bottle of wine:

The calculator returns a predicted 'average' price and determines (if RRP is provided) whether the wine is over or under-priced.

The calculator disseminates research on hedonic wine price functions first published in Oczkowski (1994). The calculator employs data from published wine guides and an updated (Nov 2018) estimated price function. The calculator is based on a sample of wines assessed and at best only serves as a guide to 'average' prices of all wines available in the market place.

START the Australian Wine Price Calculator.

The authors of the wine guides in no way endorse nor are responsible for the price predictions made by the calculator. The calculator is purely a guide disseminating research and should not be used for investment purchases or other purposes.

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