Frank Iannelli

Full stack engineer

The Frank. Story

Hi i'm frank and i am studying at CSU

2 years ago i decided to follow my passion for tech and enrol in a bootcamp. I now work at as a full stack engineer. I study Comp Sci at CSU part time


I love tech especially back-end development, JavaScript, GraphQL, AWS and serverless


My mission is to work in the tech industry full time to advance my skills in web development. I am studying part time so that I can build my knowledge on the underlying skills required in computer science. I want to use my knowledge to solve interesting problems and use the latest technologies


Front End Skills

React, Css, JavaScript, TypeScript


Back-end Skills

Node, PostgresQL, Go, GraphQL, Serverless Framework, AWS


Soft Skills

Good communicator, team player

Phone Email
0498 847 777