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I have done my primary and secondary education in kendriya vidyalaya schhool, intermediate at NARAYANA college in MPC(maths,physics and chemistry)stream.completed graduation in GVP college of engineering in ECE(Electronics Communication Engineering) stream.In addition,currently i am seeking masters in CSU.I am planning to do Phd in Monash university in malbourne.


I havebeen involved in correspondence frameworks, for example, Radar and ATC in visakhapatnam airplane terminal and furthermore security frameworks. picked up a great deal of information in the radar frameworks and diffrent sorts of techniqu to communicate with the planes.In bachelors i am elobrate in VHDL program configuration to transmit a signals with low power.


Drones have recently become notorious for their lethal activities in the Middle East, and people are afraid that they will be used at home. In the United States of America, citizens are becoming aware of the increasing use of ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ by law enforcements agencies. This is leading to a lot of propositions for new legislations, and while these may seem good at first, what does this really mean? These legislations would negatively affect the rising community of drone hobbyists, who use drones purely for their own entertainment or for filming purposes. These people would be stripped of their hobby, while doing nothing wrong. While these laws are just being lobbied for in the United States of America at the moment, they are raising awareness about drones in other countries, such as New Zealand. If America passes laws about drones

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