Gabriel Nashabe Personal Portfolio

Gabriel Nashabe Personal Portfolio


Welcome to my personal portfolio assignment. On this webpage I will display my assignment for the class ITC212. Hopefully my HTML code is up to scratch and allows me to achieve the highest mark possible.

Example of my Work

Here is the main section where I would show my main body of work. But since my main body of work is the assignment itself, it makes this entire section sort of redundant. Belonging to this section are examples of pieces of work that I have completed. Hopefully they are what you are looking for. If they are you are more than welcome to get in contact with me about collaborating with me, working with me or purchasing some form of work from me.

A list of my work -

  1. Artwork Number One
  2. Artwork Number Two
  3. Artwork Number Three
  4. Artwork Number Four
  5. Artwork Number Five