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I am enjapuram harish kumar reddy from hyderabad which is in telangana state the south part of india and i was born on 12 june 1994

I can speak English, Telugu, and Hindi with fluency.

I have completed my Graduation in 2016 and now pursuing masters @ 2017.

I had just completed my gradution recently and done my projects on dams and high rise buildings

My Educational Journey

Charles Sturt University

When you study at CSU, you get an internationally recognised qualification and much more - you get an Australian experience like no other. I am currently pursuing my masters in melbourne campus which is a student study centre. My stream is of Networking based and this helps me in acquiring knowledge on how a Network works and how to solve Network related issues. This college helps the students to understand all the subjects by explaining it with appropriate examples.

PROJECT Experience

My project experience

I have started my mini project on singur dam which provides water to complete city hyderabad. we had look at work of spill ways and working and management of turbines .

I did my major project on high rise buildings with new technologies emerging

ENJOYING THOSE TOUGH TIMES DURING initial days was a fruitful experience

Before this project, I had done a small project that is bridge fabrication inSRM university tamil nadu I have a good knolwedge on going projects even in our state like hyderabad metro rail and water resources development the metro rail project is ppp project which has awarded as best project in the world . i had conduct a bridge fabrication seminar and test in my uni seminar during gradution where it has awarded as the best topic . we made a bridge model of 9 grams can bear 7 kg of weight on it it was my best experience as my journey pass on i was transformed to information technology in masters.

My Hobbies

Hobbies to list!

  • Cricket
  • Chess
  • video games

SKill Set

Since 2016 (start of my career), i had to go through many trainings and get more knowledge as to fight with competetive world. Below are my few skills that have passed through!


  • Auto cad
  • 3d max
  • primevera
  • A guide to website Creation