Islamic Replubic of Pakistan


Islamic Replublic of Pakistan is is a South Asian country which is 33rd largest country in the world with the coast line along Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman.
Pakistan is ranked 6th number in most powerful nuclear country in the world
The current Prime minister of Pakistan is Imran khan which is serving as he 22nd of the country.



Punjab is biggest province of pakistan and also most populated province with the approx population 10 Million.   Lahore is the captial of Punjab


Sindh is in the southeast of Pakistan and is a historical home of Sindhi people. Its provincial capital is Karachi which is Pakistan’s largest city and financial hub connecting Pakistan to the rest of the world through two seaports


Balochistan is not very populated province with the least poplulation among all provinces, consisting mainly of Balochi people who loves to live in tribes.

Kyber Pakhtunkhwa

Kyber Pakhtunkhwa is in the north-western region of Pakistan that connects Pakistan with the middle eastern countries through an trade route named as Khyber Pass.
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