Drawing of troll sitting by Jenny K Blake Troll Awareness Society

Supporting the existence, freedom and cooperation with the troll population of Norway

Troll image Copyright © jennykblake, Brown Cheese Please, 2003, Schibsted

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About the Troll Awareness Society

Who are we?

The Troll Awareness Society is a not-for-profit independent community organisation, established in early 2011 as a direct consequence of the discovery of the existence of real trolls living in Norway. Norwegian citizens were made aware of this fact with the release of the documentary film The Troll Hunter in November 2010, which showed a group of Norwegian film students joining a troll hunter on his expeditions to hunt trolls that had escaped from their territories.

What do we do?

This purpose of the society and this site is to inform Norwegian citizens and anyone travelling in Norway about trolls and to provide a forum for exchanging information on the topic. Our hope is that people will not fear trolls but understand them and treat them respectfully. It is because trolls represent something that is somewhat peculiar and different, yet somehow quite similar to ourselves, that Norwegian authorities feared them and decided to restrict their freedom and pretend they didn't exist.

What can you do?

This site will expand as new information arrives and we hope that you will assist us with this by contributing any information you obtain, such as sightings, experiences and any other related useful information. This also includes reporting any suspicious behaviour and outright cruelty or interference with trolls. The site will provide a space for such a forum. A Frequently Asked Questions page will also be developed from collected information.

Other activities

In the future we also hope to organise guest speaker events to further increase community awareness. Anyone is welcome to offer suggestions on speakers and other useful activities or projects.

You can donate

As the society receives no money from any political party or the government, we rely on funds and in-kind donations from the public. This can be done by contacting the Troll Awareness Society by email, address or telephone on the Contact page.